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MSX-DOS v2.4X Full Package (2019.03.27)
 Private link 

Historical Website Around 2004-2006
 Powered by KdL WEB-SYSTEM v1.1 

1chipMSX Photo Gallery 2006
 Shots of 1chipMSX after the buy! 

eBay Items For Sale
 A great option to support further development 
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OCM-PLD Pack v3.9 (2021.08.23)
 Firmware, source code, docs and tools
  for 1chipMSX/Zemmix Neo/SX-1 and SM-X/SX-2  |alt|

OCM-EXTRA Pack v2.8 (2021.08.23)
 Utilities to make the most of OCM-PLD  |alt| 

OCM-SDBIOS Pack v3.3 (2021.08.23)
 Nextor kernel, JIS 2nd level and misc. Private link 

8bits4ever SX-2

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Support Pack v1.0 (2021.08.23)
 Wi-Fi custom firmware by ducasp and How-To  |alt| 

VTrucco SM-X

: : : OCM-PLD News : : :
 Progress List on Twitter 

OCM-PLD Source Code Repository
 All stable releases at SourceForge 

Alpharoid ringtone

OCM-BOY Pack v3.9 (2021.08.31)
 Special pack for MSX Boy  |alt| 

Unofficial MSX3 Logo

Unofficial MSX3 Logo v2.12 (2014.05.21)
 'MSX' is a trademark of MSX Licensing Corporation 

Ratiofix! A nice monoscope for MSX2 or higher

Ratiofix! v2.6 (2019.12.27)
 A nice monoscope to improve the screen quality. MSX2+ is recommended! 

Warning!! Only the LEFT channel is able to play the external audio cartridges

Quartus II Version 11.0 SP1 Free for Windows
Quartus II Version 13.0 SP1 Free for Windows
 Copyright Intel ("Altera") Corporation 
USB Blaster v2.4.16.0 Primarily for Win10
 Copyright Future Technology Devices International Ltd 

Audio MIDI-PAC  by WORP3

OCM-ORIGINAL Pack v1.0 (2016.08.18)
 Unofficial Backup of CD and Manual. Copyright D4Enterprise,Inc. ESE Artists' factory 

Audio MIDI-PAC  by WORP3

Mirisoft Restyled Logo 2013
 A gift for the 30th anniversary 

Philips Music Module Diagnostics v3.88
 Fixed version of 2013.12.28 

Audio from the gameplay

INFINITO v2.0 - MSX2 Bonus Game
 Improved version of a Radarsoft game 

 Z80 at 3.58MHz is required. ASCII-8K MegaROM 

Audio from the gameplay

GNOGNi is a specialmark of KdL 
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