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MSX-DOS v2.4X Full Package (2019.03.27)
 Private link 

Historical Website Around 2004-2006
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1chipMSX Photo Gallery 2006
 Shots of 1chipMSX after the buy! 

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 A great option to support further development 
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 Progress List on Twitter 

OCM-PLD Source Code Repository
 All stable releases at SourceForge 

OCM-PLD v3.8 is under processing...

OCM-PLD Pack v3.7.1 (2019.05.20)
 Firmware, source code, docs and tools for 1chipMSX / Zemmix Neo  |alt| 

OCM-EXTRA Pack v2.6 (2019.09.07)
 Utilities to make the most of OCM-PLD  |alt| 

OCM-SDBIOS Pack v2.7.1 (2019.09.07)
 Nextor kernel, JIS 2nd level and misc. Private link 

Warning!! Only the LEFT channel is able to play the external audio cartridges

 DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE:   Quartus II Version 11.0 SP1 Free for Windows 
 OPTIONAL DRIVER UPDATE:   USB Blaster v2.4.16.0 Primarily for Win10 
 Copyright Intel ("Altera") Corporation Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 

Unofficial MSX3 Logo

Unofficial MSX3 Logo v2.12 (2014.05.21)
 'MSX' is a trademark of MSX Licensing Corporation 

Ratiofix! A nice monoscope for MSX2 or higher

Ratiofix! v2.5 (2018.04.07)
 A nice monoscope to improve the screen quality. MSX2+ is recommended! 

Audio MIDI-PAC  by WORP3

OCM-ORIGINAL Pack v1.0 (2016.08.18)
 Unofficial Backup of CD & Manual. Copyright D4Enterprise,Inc. ESE Artists' factory 

Audio MIDI-PAC  by WORP3

Mirisoft Restyled Logo 2013
 A gift for the 30th anniversary 

Philips Music Module Diagnostics v3.88
 Fixed version of 2013.12.28 

Audio from the gameplay

INFINITO v2.0 - MSX2 Bonus Game
 Improved version of a Radarsoft game 

 Z80 at 3.58MHz is required. ASCII-8K MegaROM 

Audio from the gameplay

GNOGNi is a specialmark of KdL 
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